Your mom and dad are out tonight, and the two of us are hanging out. I gotta be honest kiddo, you are being a royal pain.You’ve fussed at your folks all week. To be fair, growing up is hard. There’s all kinds of things that happen along the way. Right now it’s small stuff like your aunt refusing to let you hit her with the ducky in the bathtub. Tomorrow it will be girls (or guys, no judgment). Next week it will be mortgage payments. 

Stop growing so fast will ya?

These big things will all arrive in due time. Sometimes you just gotta enjoy the moments. Like the twinkly lights on the tree. Or snuggles with mom and dad. Pro tip- they never stop wanting to snuggle you. They may act like it. But I promise that when you’re 40, and visiting them for the holidays, they will crack the door while you’re asleep just to check on you. It’s a parent thing. They never outgrow it. 

It’s time for you to be in bed. Tonight’s musical selection- Santa Baby. 

Santa baby…slip a sleeping baby under the tree for me…been an awfully good Aunt…Santa baby…so hurry up and go right to sleep. 

Sweet dreams Alex.