The weather is finally turning. Austin doesn’t do cold like the North does. It never quite feels like Christmas until I get some cold weather. It’s one reason I like to head home for the holiday. Over the next few days, we should drop below freezing. Your mom will pull out the fuzzy pjs, and you may even end up with a blanket in your bed.

Christmas means cold weather. Don’t let your Floridian parents convince you otherwise. Snow, frost, and cold that makes your nose run is the order of the day. Make it a point to spend at least one Christmas somewhere with snow. Learn just what it means to be in weather that’s frightful, with a fire that’s so delightful. Enjoy the sting of Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Get into a real snowball fight, and stomp into the house with cold and wet feet. You may never get a true White Christmas, but I promise you that there’s nothing cooler than Christmas lights coated with snow and frost. (Except those lights being viewed from a window, with a fire going in the background.)

Remind me to discuss proper marshmallow roasting technique at a later date.

Fingers crossed that I get some snow when I’m home this year. I’m feeling winter deprived. Hopefully I can get you some cool pictures if we do get snow. Fingers crossed. Santa, bring me a little snow.