Airports have turned into little islands of anger and rage. People put their heads down and just charge through the space. Before you or I were born, airports were a big deal. Flying was a big deal. You dressed up, and it was a social exercise, not just getting from point A to point B. Today it’s something to be endured, not enjoyed. The holidays make it worse. 

It’s stupid. (Yes I know that’s a bad word. Shush.) You get choices in how you respond to events. I always chose to enjoy the time when I travel. It’s a chance to meet people and see new things. Smile. It’s contagious. Say please and thank you. Wish people seasons greetings. The genuine joy from people when I said Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays was amazing. They actually startled. Folks are so busy going, they aren’t experiencing along the way. 

Have fun damnit. Then share that fun with others.