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Okay, so after several weeks of experiments I've worked out what my Food Rules are for the next stage of the project. 

1) 50% of every meal must contain locally sourced product. The goal is to have all produce and protein coming from local sources. Grains locally sourced is a bit harder right now.

2) 100% of animal protein will come from local sources. This includes milk and eggs, not cheese. 

3) 50% of cheese will be locally sourced.  Why only 50%? Cause I like my Seaside Cheddar dangit. šŸ™‚

4) 50% of all meals will be eaten at the table. Huge problem for me. My table right now is used as a book repository. I eat 5-7 meals a day, some on the road. So eating every meal at the table is not going to happen. But I'm aiming to get breakfast, lunch and dinner at table.

5) Shift from diet soda to one full sugar soda per week.

6) Create 1 new dish per week. (Again, going to require me to push hard. I can easy eat the same thing over and over and over.)

It may not seem like much, but several parts are going to be hard for me. As I add things in, I plan on revising things and finding new ways to push.

Deadline for these rules to be in place- 12 weeks from today. Game on.