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One of the awesome parts of eating whole foods is the joy of discovering products you wouldn't touch when your mind was in "diet" mode. I mean when I was first losing weight and learning how to keep it off, sugar was verboten. Splenda was my friend. 

These days, I've learned that I can indeed consume sugar in moderation. Novel concept! Knowing this frees me up to go out and try interesting new things. One of those new things is locally produced Rio Star Grapefruit Marmalade!

The awesome folks at Con' Olio advertised this bad boy of their facebook page a few weeks back. I finally made it in to grab a jar for sample purposes. Made by the wonderful folks at Confituras, this locally made (and regionally sourced) marmalade is a combination of Texas Rio Star Grapefruit, cane sugar, local honey, vanilla bean, and a smidge of lemon. 

I am a grapefruit junkie. One of the best parts of eating locally in Texas is grapefruit. I've got close to 7 pounds of grapefruit sitting in my fridge at the moment. I don't eat it as diet food, I just eat it because it tastes awesome! One of my big achievements as I switched eating patterns- eating grapefruit without adding sugar. So I'm perfectly happy with naked grapefruit. 

Getting to eat grapefruit marmalade? That's like hitting the lottery. I get the amazing flavor of grapefruit, with some added sweet. This stuff has my ideal blend of tangy and sweet. Like any good marmalade it's got bits of peel tossed in for good measure. It's a current breakfast favorite. The nice thing about eating it with breakfast is that it just adds in fuel to my workout. 

A little goes a long way, so I don't need much more than a teaspoon on my whole grain toast in the morning. It's becoming a morning favorite. 

What are some of the local food treasures you've found as you wander around your town?