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November is a time for writing. Around the world, tens of thousands of budding novelists are kicking off their attempt at writing a novel. Nanowrimo is an orgy of writing, with the focus squarely on getting people to produce volume. The goal is writing 50000 words in a month, which is roughly 1600 words dally. At the end, you have a good start on a novel, and at least a novella.

Nablopomo, aims to encourage daily blogging, again with the focus on improving your writing through daily structure. After months of a creative slump, I’m using both as tools to help me get writing with regularity. Creative recovery is tough, and no writer enjoys the process. Without a forced effort, you just can’t make it back to anything remotely resembling your previous levels. So this month I’m committing to work on both better blogging, and to relearn to just write, even when it’s crap. I’ve got a pen and notebook for when I have the urge to story whilst out, and the iPad is loaded up.

Ahoy month of writing, and here’s to creative recovery.